Escaping The

Career Trap

Transform apathy into ambition and ignite your organization to become an unstoppable force.

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Tammy Alvarez

CEO, Career Winners Circle,

Global Keynote Speaker, Author & Coach

There are only a few times in your life when you meet people with the “IT” factor, someone who radiates positivity and energy and can both listen intently and lead a conversation.

Tammy is that person through and through. She made an immediate impact while listening to her lecture at a recent event. I knew I had gained a trusted friend, and we had not even met. She has the skills, knowledge, and abilities to make every event fun and value-adding. It was truly inspirational.

Walter Duseldorp

Senior Director, Patient Services
Quest Diagnostics

“CWC is a premiere coaching and advising firm” – Business Insider


What would it feel like if everyone in the organization LOVED their jobs and came in energized on Mondays?

Why is there such a DISCONNECT between what your organization needs and what your team members want?


want highly engaged employees who care about their work, customers, and shareholders.


want to do work that matters with fun people in an environment that energizes them.

Everyone Wants The Same Thing

 yet the relationship gap between the company and employee is miles apart and widening.

How do you close the gap and deliver epic business results?

This is where tammy comes in

Tammy possesses a rare combination of deep industry knowledge, keen insight, and a genuine passion for helping her clients succeed. Tammy’s style is supportive and challenging, creating an environment that fosters self-discovery and continuous improvement. She has a unique talent for distilling complex challenges into manageable steps.

I highly recommend Tammy to anyone seeking a keynote speaker and coach who will inspire, challenge, and support you on your journey.

Rachel Mahloch

CEO, Battle Woman

Hi!  I'm Tammy.

My entire career in and around Wall Street was fueled by equal parts of unbridled ambition and inferiority that stemmed from my family becoming homeless when I was 15. I didn’t go to college until I was 40, and I often found myself as the only female and the youngest leadership team member. Because of my history, I wasn’t afraid of failure and saw obstacles as opportunities. I didn’t know any better, so I took big risks, challenged the status quo, and played like I had nothing to lose.

It took me decades to realize that…


And that being different wasn’t my Achilles' heel; it was my superpower.

I saw my team members feel trapped by fear and uncertainty. As a leader, I experienced the frustration of seeing top talent sidelined because they were waiting for the company to do something instead of owning their careers and taking action. I saw leaders paralyzed because of an unhealthy relationship between success and failure and have yet to see anyone truly achieve a balance between accountability and empowerment. I knew there was a better way, and I led differently. At the time, I didn’t realize I was creating a better way to navigate careers and deliver epic business results. Career fulfillment and business success are indelibly linked. Create an environment where career fulfillment is the norm, and you’ll see your business results soar.

Today, I help organizations clear the apathetic haze that has invaded their culture and show their team members how to awaken their ambition and thrive as they become the CEOs of their careers and make a big impact again.

Escape the career trap




Transform Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again

ALIGN Your Vision

Individual aspirations and corporate goals are often out of alignment. Help your teams create their career success blueprint by clarifying their vision and strategy, playing to their strengths, and gaining control over the fears that hold them back.

DISRUPT business as usual

Empowered team members with a clear vision become an unstoppable force. When employees become the CEOs of their careers and treat their careers like a business, everything improves. This mindset shift creates better decision-making, stronger relationships, and leveraging their edge for the company’s benefit.

THRIVE and make a big impact

Leading through uncertainty and paving the way for others takes courage and teamwork. Harnessing the collective organization’s resilience and innovative spirit will transform chaos into opportunity, panic into planning, and disconnected thinking into a unified organization focused on success.

Which option will deliver




20 years of battle-tested C-Suite executive leadership experience recast into provocative mindset shifts, pragmatic methods, and game-changing tools that improve business results.


Keynotes • Guest Speaker • Event Host • Seminars • Panel Discussions



Transform knowledge into action and expand your team's capabilities in the areas that will impact your business most. Fun, memorable, and habit-forming learning experiences.


Workshops • Conferences • Lectures • Simulations • Case Studies




Create lifelong habits that deliver meaningful change through our comprehensive coaching programs focused on career strategy, leadership development, and business advisory solutions.


C-Suite • Executive • Emerging Leader • Team • Group



Escaping the career trap delivers . . .


Remove the barriers to success that are slowing everybody down.


Faster achievements with less friction.


Achieve a new level of alignment the entire organization can rally around.


Higher productivity due to less rework and fewer misunderstandings.


Thrive as a unified team excited to take on new challenges and grow together.


Better collaboration and innovation to tackle tough challenges and win over your competitors.


Experience outstanding benefits when the entire organization plays to its strengths.


Greater success at the individual and company level.

Escaping The Career Trap

Transform your apathy into ambition and

Never hate Mondays Again

No one prepares you for the mid-career funk, yet almost everyone struggles with it at some point in their careers. Leaders, doers, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives are often ill-equipped to tackle the challenges of feeling stuck in the soul-crushing grind. Individuals, businesses, customers, and shareholders are the unintended victims of a disengaged or disenfranchised workforce. There is a way out, and you can reinvent a vibrant career and thrive again. Ordinary people just like you are turning their career distress into professional success. Join Tammy on your journey to reignite your ambition and never hate Mondays again.

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