Fun, memorable, and habit-forming learning experiences.

Transform knowledge into action and expand your team’s capabilities in the areas that will impact your business most.

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I am seldom compelled to write a testimonial, but after working with Tammy, I wanted to share so others will invest the time to take this series. Tammy’s high energy, pragmatic approach, and depth of experience helped shorten and simplify the entire leadership development process.  I will definitely draw on her knowledge and experience again for my team. Hire Tammy if you want to accelerate professional development and business growth.

Sandy Lohr

CEO, Matchcraft

“CWC is a premiere coaching and advising firm” – Business Insider

A new blueprint for

Transforming Ideas into Action

Here’s why the employer-employee dynamic is off track . . .

Problem #1

For employers to stay in business and grow, they need:

  • High-caliber teams who will work hard
  • Adaptability to headwinds and opportunities
  • Continuous revenue and profitability growth

Problem #2

For employees to thrive and support their lifestyle, they need:

  • Work that is interesting and will make an impact
  • Flexibility to be effective in a way that is unique to them
  • Fair compensation and recognition for their contributions

End result

Two groups who want the same thing end up in disarray.

  • Lack of alignment: Both groups approach the same problem from opposite viewpoints.
  • Inability to disrupt business as usual: Without disruption, nothing can change.
  • Failed opportunity to thrive: Leaders and employees are reluctant to embrace a CEO mindset.



 Ignite the unstoppable force lying dormant within your organization and thrive.


Your vision

Individual aspirations and corporate goals are often out of alignment. Help your teams create their career success blueprint by clarifying their vision and strategy, playing to their strengths, and gaining control to apply their talents to achieve your company’s biggest goals.


Business as usual

Empowered team members with a clear vision become an unstoppable force. When employees become the CEOs of their careers and treat their careers like a business, everything improves. This mindset shift creates better decision-making, stronger relationships, and leveraging their edge for the company’s benefit.


Make a big impact

Leading through uncertainty and paving the way for others takes courage and teamwork. Harnessing the collective organization’s resilience and innovative spirit will transform chaos into opportunity, panic into planning, and disconnected thinking into a unified organization focused on success.

Tammy brings 20+ years of battle-tested career, leadership, and business strategy experience

Delivered in pragmatic, fun, and applicable methods that will immediately elevate:

  • Your organization’s ability to thrive during chaos
  • Your leader’s ability to become the leader people choose to follow
  • Your employee’s ability to play bigger and make an impact

Hi!  I'm Tammy.

My entire career in and around Wall Street was fueled by equal parts of unbridled ambition and inferiority that stemmed from my family becoming homeless when I was 15. I didn’t go to college until I was 40, and I often found myself as the only female and the youngest leadership team member. Because of my history, I wasn’t afraid of failure and saw obstacles as opportunities. I didn’t know any better, so I took big risks, challenged the status quo, and played like I had nothing to lose.

It took me decades to realize that…


And that being different wasn’t my Achilles' heel; it was my superpower.

I saw my team members feel trapped by fear and uncertainty. As a leader, I experienced the frustration of seeing top talent sidelined because they were waiting for the company to do something instead of owning their careers and taking action. I saw leaders paralyzed because of an unhealthy relationship between success and failure and have yet to see anyone truly achieve a balance between accountability and empowerment. I knew there was a better way, and I led differently. At the time, I didn’t realize I was creating a better way to navigate careers and deliver epic business results. Career fulfillment and business success are indelibly linked. Create an environment where career fulfillment is the norm, and you’ll see your business results soar.

Today, I help organizations clear the apathetic haze that has invaded their culture and show their team members how to awaken their ambition and thrive as they become the CEOs of their careers and make a big impact again.

Tammy helped me reframe my thinking to see the value I bring to the table – ANY table. I can confidently walk into any job or situation and quickly add value. She enabled me to see that no matter what obstacles I face, I am the solution.

Marlo Poole

Director, Wells Fargo

Which option will drive

Your Business Results?



Progressive experiences that inspire and educate participants to dig deeper and think creatively. Tammy blends battle-tested experiences with pragmatic approaches to help each attendee personalize the content and find their path toward lasting change in a fun, fail-safe learning environment.



Tammy’s ability to bring out the best ideas in the room lead to epic learning moments for her audience. Her “keeping it real” approach provides a fun and inclusive environment where everyone feels drawn into actively participating in the shared learning experience. Insights are gained, friendships are made, and networks are strengthened during each event.  



New skills become old habits when learnings are applied in real-life situations. Tammy creates an upbeat and experimental vibe as participants practice their new skills in a safe environment. Attendees make the mindset shift needed to achieve mastery through the commitment to persistence and practice.



Tammy encourages and equips a person to excel, to see dreams as not just dreams but the next most logical steps. Now, I have my confidence back, know what I want next, and know the future is solid rather than just hopeful.

Darla NyKamp

Associate Attorney, USAA

Business success and career fulfiillment are inextricably linked

Ignite ambition and unleash the unstoppable force within your organization.


Immerse your teams into learning experiences that truly transform and deliver immediate and sustainable skill development.


Learn game-changing strategies and techniques to improve the capabilities of your team members and deliver epic business results. Sample topics of learning events Tammy has delivered. Each teaching engagement will be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Career strategy and accountability

  • Escaping the career trap
  • Five lies holding you back from a thriving career
  • Becoming the CEO of your career

Build stronger leaders

  • The power of communication
  • Leading courageously through uncertainty
  • Five ways to become the leader people choose to follow

Engage and mobilize teams

  • Moving teams from indifference to inspiration
  • A new way to think about empowerment and accountability
  • Overcoming fear and uncertainty for you and your teams

Innovate and grow your business

  • Five steps to take the right risks at the right time
  • Igniting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Foolproof methods to de-risk your decisions and move faster

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Own Your Power! Strengthening women in leadership
  • Diversity strategies that improve the bottom line
  • Accounting for the equity gap


Strengthen each learning experience long after your team has left the classroom through practical and proven tools and playbooks accompanied by managers’ guides to help transform new learning into new habits.


  • Asking Good Questions
  • Boundaries and Life Balance
  • Career Strategy
  • Conversational Interviews
  • Core Values
  • Create a Unique Story
  • Designing Your Perfect Job
  • Goal Setting
  • Ideal Industries and Roles
  • IT Factor
  • Leverage Your Strengths
  • Negotiation
  • Power Base Assessment
  • Quick Wins
  • Self Promotion
  • Skill Stacking


  • 360° Diagnostic Assessments
  • 90-Day Strategy
  • Building Bench Strength
  • Breaking Old Habits
  • Coaching Teams to Succeed
  • Customer Experience
  • Effective Execution
  • Executive Presence
  • Goal Setting
  • High Performing Teams
  • Improve Influence
  • Increasing Reach and Influence
  • Lead Through Change and Uncertainty
  • Negotiation and Difficult Conversations
  • Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty
  • Powerful Communication
  • Purposeful Leadership Style
  • Remove Bottlenecks
  • Resilience and Recovering From Setbacks


  • Business Growth
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Business Strategy
  • Business-Centric Risk Management
  • Develop Your Board of Directors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Winning Culture


Continue reinforcing and up-leveling your team so they can master advanced moves and produce huge results for your company. When you make ongoing learning a part of business as usual, your return on investment skyrockets.


When you have the right information, It’s easier to play to your strengths. Leverage the following insights to help your leaders maximize your investment in strong talent.

  • Leadership Style
  • Team Strengths
  • Communication Style


World-class coaching support to maximize your investment and support your teams in delivering breakthrough results

  • Private
  • Group
  • Team


Mobile and desktop app so your team can grow on the go.

  • Goal Setting
  • Metric Tracking
  • Project planning
  • Accountability
  • Journaling
  • Tools and job aids
  • On-demand coaching support


Keep your team engaged and energized with fun app-based challenges to reinforce learning topics and engaging with each other.

  • 30, 60, or 90-Day challenges
  • Customized topics to reinforce learning messages
  • Live events from world-class coaches
  • Engagement and performance insights

Change is hard, but also a gift.


Wall Street executive turned Fortune 500 corporate speaker is transforming how companies repair the fractured relationship between employer and employees to produce incredible business results.

Tammy Alvarez is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and career strategist who is sharing her revolutionary approach to having the career and life you love and creating an impact you’d never imagined.

Nearly 70% of employees in the US are disengaged and feel stuck in the soul-crushing grind. Tammy believes Career fulfillment and business success are indelibly linked. You’ll see your business results soar when you create an environment where career fulfillment is the norm.

Tammy’s practical and inspiring strategies can energize anyone to find their career superpower and be the Queen (or King) of their version of Wall Street.

Using insights gleaned from her life and those of her clients and the tools and exercises she has refined over the years, Tammy Alvarez has written the playbook for anyone wanting to create a lasting impact with their career and LOVE Mondays again.

Escaping The Career Trap

Transform your apathy into ambition and

Never hate Mondays Again

No one prepares you for the mid-career funk, yet almost everyone struggles with it at some point in their careers. Leaders, doers, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives are often ill-equipped to tackle the challenges of feeling stuck in the soul-crushing grind. Individuals, businesses, customers, and shareholders are the unintended victims of a disengaged or disenfranchised workforce. There is a way out, and you can reinvent a vibrant career and thrive again. Ordinary people just like you are turning their career distress into professional success. Join Tammy on your journey to reignite your ambition and never hate Mondays again.

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