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Career Trap

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Tammy Alvarez
Founder & CEO, Global
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A new blueprint for

Loving Monday’s Again

Here’s why the employer-employee dynamic is off track . . .

Problem #1

For employers to stay in business and grow, they need:


  • High-caliber teams who will work hard
  • Adaptability to headwinds and opportunities
  • Continuous revenue and profitability growth

Problem #2

For employees to thrive and support their lifestyle, they need:


  • Work that is interesting and will make an impact
  • Flexibility to be effective in a way that is unique to them
  • Fair compensation and recognition for their contributions

End result

Two groups who want the same thing end up in disarray.


  • Lack of alignment: Both groups approach the same problem from opposite viewpoints.
  • Inability to disrupt business as usual: Without disruption, nothing can change.
  • Failed opportunity to thrive: Leaders and employees are reluctant to embrace a CEO mindset.

Escape the career trap 


Transform Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again


Your vision

Individual aspirations and corporate goals are often out of alignment. Help your teams create their career success blueprint by clarifying their vision and strategy, playing to their strengths, and gaining control over the fears that hold them back.


Business as usual

Empowered team members with a clear vision become an unstoppable force. When employees become the CEOs of their careers and treat their careers like a business, everything improves. This mindset shift creates better decision-making, stronger relationships, and leveraging their edge for the company’s benefit.


Make a big impact

Leading through uncertainty and paving the way for others takes courage and teamwork. Harnessing the collective organization’s resilience and innovative spirit will transform chaos into opportunity, panic into planning, and disconnected thinking into a unified organization focused on success.

Tammy brings 20+ years of battle-tested career, leadership, and business strategy experience

Delivered in pragmatic, fun, and applicable methods that will immediately elevate:

  • Your organization’s ability to thrive during chaos
  • Your leader’s ability to become the leader people choose to follow
  • Your employee’s ability to play bigger and make an impact

Hi!  I'm Tammy.

My entire career in and around Wall Street was fueled by equal parts of unbridled ambition and inferiority that stemmed from my family becoming homeless when I was 15. I didn’t go to college until I was 40, and I often found myself as the only female and the youngest leadership team member. Because of my history, I wasn’t afraid of failure and saw obstacles as opportunities. I didn’t know any better, so I took big risks, challenged the status quo, and played like I had nothing to lose.

It took me decades to realize that…


And that being different wasn’t my Achilles' heel; it was my superpower.

I saw my team members feel trapped by fear and uncertainty. As a leader, I experienced the frustration of seeing top talent sidelined because they were waiting for the company to do something instead of owning their careers and taking action. I saw leaders paralyzed because of an unhealthy relationship between success and failure and have yet to see anyone truly achieve a balance between accountability and empowerment. I knew there was a better way, and I led differently. At the time, I didn’t realize I was creating a better way to navigate careers and deliver epic business results. Career fulfillment and business success are indelibly linked. Create an environment where career fulfillment is the norm, and you’ll see your business results soar.

Today, I help organizations clear the apathetic haze that has invaded their culture and show their team members how to awaken their ambition and thrive as they become the CEOs of their careers and make a big impact again.

Tammy serves as a much-needed advisor for the modern professional, offering actionable advice that feels as energizing as it is enlightening. She helps people turn their aspirations into reality, becoming a valuable asset for anyone looking to thrive rather than just survive in their careers.


Maureen Metcalf

CEO, Innovative Leadership Institute

Which option will drive

Your Career Results?


Tammy is the ideal speaker for leaders who have “heard it all.” If it’s time to break away from the norm, she’s a speaker who instantly adds a ton of energy, humor, and inspiration to any room. She blends real-world experiences, lessons learned, and epic storytelling to deliver breakthrough moments for her audiences worldwide.



People who have the opportunity to participate in Tammy’s seminars and workshops leave feeling challenged to think differently, compelled to take action, and inspired to change. Her content is delivered with a pragmatic “keeping it real” conversational tone, and she provides actionable advice that your teams can immediately implement.

Panel Discussions


If you want to add spice to any panel discussion, you must include Tammy as one of your speakers. You can expect her to be provocative and relevant. She offers a compelling contrarian viewpoint that inspires dialogue and idea-sharing. Your audience will feel compelled to think differently and take action.


Transform apathy into ambition and ignite your organization to become an unstoppable force.


Battle-tested C-suite experience recast into provocative mindset shifts, pragmatic methods, and game-changing tools that improve business results.

Escaping the Career Trap

Empower your teams to become an unstoppable force

This is perfect for your organization if:

You’re ready to help your team members take more accountability for their career growth and guide them on how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Business results skyrocket when employees actively participate in their career development, align with the company’s goals, and contribute to the future.

The audience will leave with new insights on how to:

  • ALIGN – Gain clarity on their career goals.
  • DISRUPT – Think like a CEO.
  • THRIVE – Deliver value to the organization’s most significant needs.

Supporting materials:

  • The Ultimate Career Strategy Guide
  • Book: Escaping The Career Trap – Transform Your Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again – by Tammy Alvarez


The Power of Communication

Master the language of leadership and thrive

This is perfect for your organization if:

You have had moments where you think everyone is on the same page, only to find out most people are confused or uncertain. When your teams master communicating powerfully, work will flow faster and with much less friction.

The audience will leave with new insights on how to:

  • Leverage the platinum rule of communication.
  • Master the four communication styles and how to adapt your style to meet people where they are.
  • Listen effectively so your colleagues feel heard and understood.
  • Learn the nuances of cascading messages deep into the organization, so they resonate at every level.

Supporting materials:

  • What’s Your Communication Style Quiz
  • Communication Styles Infographic



Strengthening women leaders to advance and thrive once they get there.

This is perfect for your organization if:

You are committed to advancing the leadership skills of the women in your organization. Improving your leaders and ensuring everyone is on an equal footing while maintaining authenticity delivers epic business results.

The audience will leave with new insights on how to:

  • Strengthening their voice
  • Make a big impact
  • Collaborate inclusively
  • Take the right risks at the right time
  • Make bold decisions

Supporting materials:

  • What’s Your Power Score Quiz
  • Women in Leadership White Paper
  • FREE 7-Week Email Training Series


Change is hard, but also a gift.


Wall Street executive turned Fortune 500 corporate speaker is transforming how companies repair the fractured relationship between employer and employees to produce incredible business results.

Tammy Alvarez is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and career strategist who is sharing her revolutionary approach to having the career and life you love and creating an impact you’d never imagined.

Nearly 70% of employees in the US are disengaged and feel stuck in the soul-crushing grind. Tammy believes Career fulfillment and business success are indelibly linked. You’ll see your business results soar when you create an environment where career fulfillment is the norm.

Tammy’s practical and inspiring strategies can energize anyone to find their career superpower and be the Queen (or King) of their version of Wall Street.

Using insights gleaned from her life and those of her clients and the tools and exercises she has refined over the years, Tammy Alvarez has written the playbook for anyone wanting to create a lasting impact with their career and LOVE Mondays again.

Question and Answer with Tammy Alvarez, The Author of




Transform Your Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again


Can you give a brief description of your book Escaping the Career Trap?


If it feels like the zombie apocalypse has invaded your career, it’s time to read Escaping the Career Trap. No one prepared you for your mid-career funk or how to avoid it. Before you know it, you dread Mondays, wonder, “What’s the point?” and worry it’s too late for you to change. This book will show you how to break free from the five lies holding you back, play to your strengths, and crush your inner critic. Take ownership of your power to get unstuck, become the CEO of YOU, Inc., and so much more. There is a way out, and you can reinvent a vibrant career and thrive again. This book will take you on a journey to reignite your ambition and never hate Mondays again!


Why did you write Escaping The Career Trap?


Most people dread Mondays and find little to no joy in their jobs. It doesn’t have to be that way, and there are steps you can take to recreate a vibrant career where you look forward to Mondays, know you are making a big impact, and feel the excitement of doing work that matters again. When you lack career fulfillment, it bleeds into every other aspect of your life. The stakes are high, and the rewards go far beyond your next paycheck. No one taught you how to do this, and it’s natural for this to feel overwhelming and unattainable. Escaping The Career Trap is your guide to help you leave the soul-crushing grind once and for all.


Who is Escaping The Career Trap written for?


This book will help everyone who dreads Mondays and feels that pit in their stomach creeping in on Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t matter if you are in a corporate role, are an entrepreneur, or are a business owner. When you stop loving Mondays, it's time to read this book. While everyone has something to learn and take away from the book, the stories are geared explicitly towards mid- to senior-level leaders with 10-15 years left to work and who want to make the remaining time count.


The idea of never hating Mondays again is strong throughout your book. Why is that concept so important?


You deserve to live a life that serves you, and a big part of that is doing work that energizes you. Dreading Mondays is a strong indicator that your career is off track. When you wake up on Monday mornings excited to make an impact, your whole life improves, and so do the lives of those around you. Unfortunately, most people are missing the decoder ring so they can figure out how to disrupt the cycle and get stuck. Everyone deserves to love Mondays, and the book unlocks the mysteries of achieving career fulfillment.


The writing style of Escaping The Career Trap is raw and honest. Can you tell us about your methods?


It drives me up the wall when people beat around the bush and use flowery language. I guess it’s the New Yorker in me. As I was writing this book, I imagined the reader sitting across from me over a cocktail or coffee and thought about how the conversation would flow—the coaching and perspective-building moments made it into the book. I also added a heavy dose of humor and sarcasm. It’s part of my natural style. We tend to take life too seriously and need to have more fun and lighten up a bit.


How did you come up with the title?


At a cocktail party. I was on a rant explaining my business and the problems we help clients solve. I described how incredibly smart and talented people feel trapped in their careers. They feel like people are in an “escape room” activity, and given all these unsolvable riddles, they need to figure out before they can get out. A new acquaintance said, “Hey, that’s a great title for a book.” the rest is history.


What is your favorite passage in the book and why?


My favorite passages are the lessons learned and advice from my clients and colleagues. The book has dozens of stories where people share their journeys and perspectives on navigating and achieving a thriving career. Their insights are incredible. My favorite lessons include: “When you jump, a net will appear. Change happens at the speed of trust. Your mess is your message. If you study success, you will find the clues you need to win and so many more. Including the stories of these talented leaders creates a richness of perspective for each reader.


What aspects of your own life helped inspire this book?


My career didn’t progress traditionally. I never went to college and didn’t get my degree until I was 40. Yet, I found an abundance of success despite lacking a degree and often being the only female and youngest leadership team member. I played the game differently and lived by the mantra, “If you don’t like it, change it.” Having reached the height of my career as a C-suite executive on Wall Street, after a while, I realized it was no longer serving me. So I cashed out, moved to a tropical island in Belize, and started CWC. I’ve spent decades building the skills, perspectives, and experiences that achieve continuous career satisfaction. When I realized so many others desperately needed the skills that came naturally to me, I knew it was time to start sharing.


What can readers hope to learn from this book?


After reading this book, readers will have the perspective, skills, and motivation to break free from the soul-crushing grind and love Mondays again. Readers will know how things work on the inside, what mindset shifts they need to make, specific tactics to use in dozens of situations, and case studies to emulate to create a fulfilling career and continue to thrive.

Escaping The Career Trap

Transform your apathy into ambition and

Never hate Mondays Again

No one prepares you for the mid-career funk, yet almost everyone struggles with it at some point in their careers. Leaders, doers, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives are often ill-equipped to tackle the challenges of feeling stuck in the soul-crushing grind. Individuals, businesses, customers, and shareholders are the unintended victims of a disengaged or disenfranchised workforce. There is a way out, and you can reinvent a vibrant career and thrive again. Ordinary people just like you are turning their career distress into professional success. Join Tammy on your journey to reignite your ambition and never hate Mondays again.

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